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S.NoDepartment Service Launch Date View & Apply Audio
1General AdministrationDomicile Certificate application format05/12/2015
2General AdministrationService to provide income certificates05/12/2015
3General Administration(6.3-A) Provide caste certificates to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes10/07/2014
4General Administration(6.3-B) To provide caste certificate for other backward classes11/07/2014
5General Administration(6.3-C) Provide caste certificates to Acquitted, Stroller and Semi Stroller11/07/2014
6General Administration(6.4) According to State Election Body providing true copy of the voters list for rural and urban bodies15/12/2014
7General Administration6.5 (A) Handwriting Manual Provide Digital Copy of Scheduled Tribes Certificate12/07/2018
8General Administration6.5 (B) Handwritten Manual Provide Digital Copy of Caste Certificate for Other Backward Classes12/07/2018
9General Administration 6.5 (c) To provide a digital copy of the cast certificate for handwritten manual discharged, stroller and semi-stricken race12/07/2018
10General AdministrationCorrection in Date of Birth and Aadhar and Samagra in caste certificate31/07/2018
11General Administration 6.6 (A) To provide caste certificate to a citizen whose family member (father / brother / sister) has been issued Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes certificate by the Sub-Divisional Officer (Revenue30/07/2018
12General Administration6.6 (B) To provide caste certificate to a citizen whose family member (father / brother / sister) has previously issued caste certificate for the backward classes by the Sub-divisional Officer (Revenu30/07/2018
13General Administration6.6 (C) To provide caste certificate to a citizen whose family member (father / brother / sister) has previously issued a caste certificate for disbursement, stray and semi-stricker by the Sub-divisio30/07/2018
14General AdministrationIssuance of Income and Property Certificates for Economically Weaker Section (EWS)01/07/2021
15HomeProviding a copy of the autopsy report to family Member on the application by Deceaseds family12/12/2014
16HomeProviding a copy of the autopsy report on the application by Deceased&ampamp;ampamp;ampamp;#39s family from Ajax Police Station31/03/2016
17HomeProviding copy of FIR to applicant after deny to provide copy from station house officer02/01/2015
18HomeProviding copy of FIR to applicant from Ajax Police Station24/10/2016
19Home11.6 (A) to give copy of Mrga Intimation09/03/2016
20Home11.6 (B) to give a photocopy of Intimation Mrga Ajak station.26/04/2018
21Home11.7 provide duplicate license (After receiving no objection from the police)07/10/2021
22Home11.8 Application form for registration of arms (first weapon which is not for resale) in approved arms license07/10/2021
23Home11.9 Regarding the permission of the sound amplifier to be used at a slow speed07/10/2021
24Home11.10 Regarding grant of temporary travel license (after receipt of clearance by the police)07/10/2021
25Home11.14 Appointment of weapon servants / servants in the institution (after receiving no objection by the police)07/10/2021
26Home11.15 Adding / deleting the name of the weapon servants / servants of the licensed entities (after receiving the clearance by the police)07/10/2021
27Home11.16 sale / transfer of arms after death (after objection by police) under district magistrate officer area07/10/2021
28Home11.17 Surrender of arms and cancellation of license after death07/10/2021
29Home11.3 Renewal of unclaimed bore arms license before the end of the license period(New)07/10/2021
30Home11.4 Renewal of unclaimed bore arms license after the expiry of the license period(New)07/10/2021
31Home11.5 Duplicate copy of arms license (New)07/10/2021
32RevenueLand - rights and loan application form guide26/09/2012
33Revenue(4.9-A) At Tehsil Revenue Courts except the Revenue Board in order to pass the prevalent cases / party to provide interim order or other document produced true16/12/2014
34Revenue(4.9-B) At District Revenue Courts except the Revenue Board in order to pass the prevalent cases / party to provide interim order or other document produced true26/12/2014
35Revenue(4.10-A) Providing true copy of Land records / revenue cases / maps from At Tehsil Land records store16/12/2014
36Revenue(4.10-B) Providing true copy of Land records / revenue cases / maps from At District Land records store17/12/2014
37Revenue(4.12) With the demise of the order of distribution maps Batankan / modification and post-modification Map A-4 size papers supplied to the applicant18/12/2014
38Revenue(4.15-A) Undisputed sharing (User Section 178)15/12/2014
39Revenue(4.15-B) Undisputed sharing (User Section 178-1)16/12/2014
40RevenueDuplicate Khasra Certificate (New)17/11/2015
41RevenueProviding Kahtauni Certificate (New)17/11/2015
42RevenueService to supply the copies of current maps (New)17/11/2015
43ForestPay for the relief of wildlife casualties24/12/2012
44ForestPay for the relief to people of wildlife injuries09/01/2013
45ForestPay for the relief cattle casualties by wild animals03/01/2013
46ForestCases of Received payment from timber depot11/12/2012
47ForestCases of separate lots sales price of recoverd amount27/06/2013
48EnergyApplication for change of meter11/02/2018
49EnergyDisposed of the application for permanent discontinuation11/02/2018
50AgricultureRelease of chemical fertilizer sales license17/12/2012
51AgricultureSeed sales license issuance17/12/2012
52AgricultureChemical fertilizer sales license upgradation31/12/2012
53AgricultureSeed sales license upgradation12/12/2012
54Agriculture13.3 (A) Issue of Fertilizer Blend Manufacturing Licenses01/04/2019
55Agriculture13.4 (A) Upgradation of Fertilizer Mixture Manufacture License01/04/2019
56Agriculture13.1 (B) Issue of Chemical Pesticide Sales Licenses10/10/2020
57Agriculture13.3 (B) Issue of Chemical Pesticide Manufacturing Licenses01/04/2019
58LabourFurenal Assistance Application form19/11/2012
59LabourRegistration of construction workers19/11/2012
60LabourAssistance in case of permanent disability due to accidents during construction09/01/2013
61Labour2.33- Marriage Assistance Scheme (Labor Welfare Board)28/12/2021
62Labour2.34- Funeral Assistance Scheme (Labor Welfare Board)28/12/2021
63Labour2.35- Kalyani Sahayata Yojana (Labor Welfare Board)28/12/2021
64Labour2.43- Educational Scholarship Scheme (Labor Welfare Board)15/07/2023
65Labour2.44- Education Promotion Award Scheme (Labor Welfare)16/08/2023
66Public Health and Family WelfareIssuance of disability certificate - letter (Medical)20/12/2012
67Public Health and Family Welfare(12.4) Vaccination under the National Immunization Program19/09/2015
68Public Health and Family Welfare(12.5) Clinical verification of the applicant in relation to age.14/09/2015
69Public Health and Family Welfare12.6 Pediatric cardiac treatment plan to be approved by the Chief Minister Scheme. 10/10/2015
70Public Health and Family WelfareJanani Suraksha Yojana Approved06/02/2018
71Public Health and Family WelfareHealth Certificate by Medical Officer31/08/2019
72Public Health and Family WelfareProviding Green Card under Family Welfare Program19/02/2020
73Urban Administration and Dev.Application for Water Supply Connection25/09/2012
74Urban Administration and Dev.Add names to the list of families below the poverty line (urban area)25/09/2012
75Urban Administration and Dev.Instructions to improve Hand pumps and tube wells in urban areas03/01/2015
76Urban Administration and Dev.(5.4) The water is potable or not to verify reports12/02/2015
77Urban Administration and Dev.5.17 MP Housing Board - Change of undisputed property (death case)19/04/2022
78Urban Administration and Dev.5.18 MP Housing Board - Transfer of undisbursed property after mutual sale deed between buyer and vendor19/04/2022
79Panchayat and Rural Development16.2 Attested photocopy of the updated list of the poverty line in rural areas to be supplied.23/12/2015
80Panchayat and Rural Development16.3 (A) Tap water in rural areas, where technical scheme as practicable, there is demand for new tap connection be produced12/02/2016
81Panchayat and Rural Development16.3(B)Tap water demand letter to deposit the amount under the scheme to supply the new tap connection.24/09/2016
82Panchayat and Rural Development16.4 Rural self-help groups to grading.29/01/2016
83Panchayat and Rural Development16.5 Registration of Colonizers in rural areas.08/08/2018
84Panchayat and Rural Development16.6 Renewal of colonizer license in rural areas.08/08/2018
85Panchayat and Rural Development16.7 Permission for the development of colony in rural areas08/08/2018
86Panchayat and Rural Development16.8 License for building construction in rural areas.08/08/2018
87Planning,Economics and Statistics(18.1) Inaccessibility of birth certificate applied for accreditation15/12/2014
88Planning,Economics and Statistics(18.2) Inaccessibility of death certificate applied for accreditation18/12/2014
89Planning,Economics and Statistics(18.3) Allow birth registration after 1 year16/12/2014
90Planning,Economics and Statistics(18.4) Allow death registration after 1 year18/12/2014
91Planning,Economics and Statistics(18.7) Registration of Marriage15/12/2014
92Tribal & SC WelfareSC / ST Welfare Relief 27/09/2012
93Social JusticeNational Family Support Plan25/09/2012
94Social Justice(7.14) Disabilities Marriage Incentive Plan06/02/2018
95Social Justice(7.13) Promotion plan for Disabled candidates for civil service.06/02/2018
96Social Justice(7.9) Fees/subsistence and transport allowance Subsidies in higher education for disabled students.06/02/2018
97Social Justice(7.10) Hostel Plan for Disable Students06/02/2018
98Food and Civil Supplies34.13 Application for new manufacturer license03/10/2017
99Food and Civil Supplies34.14 Application for renewal of manufacturer license16/11/2017
100Food and Civil Supplies34.19 Application for Registration of Manufacturer/Importers/Packer of Packaged Items03/10/2017
101Food and Civil Supplies34.15 Application for new seller license03/10/2017
102Food and Civil Supplies34.16 Application for Renewal of Sellers License07/11/2017
103Food and Civil Supplies34.17 Application for new Repairer License03/10/2017
104Food and Civil Supplies34.18 Application for renewal of Repairer License 07/11/2017
105Food and Civil Supplies34.1(A) In relation to original stamping of weight and measure equipments27/12/2019
106Food and Civil Supplies34.8 Regarding re-verification of gasoline, diesel dispenser pump09/08/2018
107Food and Civil Supplies34.9 Regarding re-verification of flow meter09/08/2018
108Food and Civil Supplies34.10 Regarding re-verification of auto rickshaw/taxi meter09/08/2018
109Food and Civil Supplies34.11 Regarding re-verification of CNG/LPG Dispenser/Pump09/08/2018
110Food and Civil Supplies34.12 Regarding re-verification of Storage Tank09/08/2018
111Food and Civil Supplies9.11 Issue of new license for sale and storage of petrol diesel09/07/2020
112Food and Civil Supplies34.7(A) Regarding re-verification of weight and measure equipments26/09/2019
113Food and Civil Supplies34.7(B) Regarding re-verification of weight and measure equipments26/09/2019
114Food and Civil Supplies34.2 In relation to original stamping of gasoline, diesel dispenser pump22/01/2019
115Food and Civil Supplies9.12 Issuing renewal license for petrol, diesel sale and storage09/07/2020
116Food and Civil Supplies34.3 In relation to original stamping of flow meter22/01/2019
117Food and Civil Supplies34.4 In relation to original stamping of auto rickshaw/taxi meter22/01/2019
118Food and Civil Supplies34.5 In relation to original stamping of CNG/LPG Dispenser/Pump22/01/2019
119Food and Civil Supplies34.6 In relation to original stamping of Storage Tank22/01/2019
120Food and Civil Supplies9.2 Issue of duplicate eligibility slips to eligible families covered under National Food Security Act, 201317/08/2021
121Food and Civil Supplies34.1 (B) In relation to original stamping of weight and measure equipments18/06/2020
122Food and Civil Supplies9.13 Issuance of license for kerosene wholesalers and financial wholesalers07/10/2020
123Food and Civil Supplies9.17 Issuance of license to the solvent, refinet and SLAP businessman07/10/2020
124Food and Civil Supplies9.15 Issue of license for sale of naphtha to the naptha trader07/10/2020
125Food and Civil Supplies9.14 Issuance of license for kerosene wholesalers and financial wholesalers for Renewal21/10/2020
126Food and Civil Supplies9.18 Issuance of license to the solvent, refinet and SLAP businessman for Renewal21/10/2020
127Food and Civil Supplies9.16 Issue of license for sale of naphtha to the naptha trader for Renewal21/10/2020
128Public Health EngineeringHandpump Reparing21/12/2012
129Public Health EngineeringHandpump Reparing17/12/2012
130Public Health Engineering(3.3) Report to verify whether the water is potable or not 16/12/2014
131Women and Child DevelopmentPermission under Laadli Laksmi yojnaFirst Daughter25/09/2012
132Women and Child DevelopmentPermission under Laadli Laksmi yojnaSecond Daughter29/09/2012
133Women and Child Development14.2 Registered Beneficiaries Not Receiving Nutrition in Anganwadi be Fetched her Eligibility.12/01/2015
134Horticulture46.1 Application to grant of License for Fruit Plant Nursery26/07/2019
135Horticulture46.1(A) Application for Renewal of Licence26/07/2019
136Horticulture46.2 Application to Grant of Licence for seeds26/07/2019
137Horticulture46.2(A) Application for Renewal of Licence for seeds26/07/2019

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