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: Energy Services Sunday, July 21, 2024 7:40 AM Till Date.
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1EnergyUrban Low pressure connection application form11/02/2018
2EnergyRural Low pressure connection application form11/02/2018
3EnergyLow pressure connection (For Agriculture) application form11/02/2018
4EnergyLow pressure connection( For Industries) application form11/02/2018
5EnergyAfter the deposit of amount as per demand letter providing a new low pressure connections from the existing network 11/02/2018
6EnergyProviding Demand letter to provide temporary power connection11/02/2018
7EnergyDemand- sheets to provide temporary power connection11/02/2018
8EnergyIssue of Demand letter for increase in load by consumer where current infrstructure is not expanded11/02/2018
9EnergyIncrease in load where currently there is no need for expansion in infrastructure after consumer provide supplementary contracts and demand letter11/02/2018
10EnergyApplication for change of meter11/02/2018
11EnergyDisposed of the application for permanent discontinuation11/02/2018
12Energy1.8 Changes in category of disorganized connections at present.11/02/2018
13Energy1.9 Providing an approval letter of permanent new connection of high pressure.11/02/2018
14Energy1.10 Providing an acceptance letter to the current of high pressure in the weight of unconvinced connection.11/02/2018
15Energy1.11(A) Acceptance of change in the details of currently disorganized low tension connections.11/02/2018
16Energy1.11(B) Acceptance of change in the details of currently disorganized high tension connections.11/02/2018
17Energy1.12 Providing theoretical acceptance of the combination of grid to the power producers of solar and wind power.11/02/2018
18Energy1.16(A) Issuance of demand letter for shifting only in the meter / service line or meter premises.11/02/2018
19Energy1.16(B) Shifting the meter/service line or meter with in the premises, only after depositing the amount according to the demand letter11/02/2018
20Energy1.17 Resolution of the disputed electricity bill (except for the cases of electricity theft).11/02/2018
21Energy1.18 Re-combining dissected connection after payment of outstanding amount.11/02/2018

Source: Sunday, July 21, 2024 7:40 AM

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