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S.NoDepartment Service Launch Date View & Apply Audio
1General AdministrationDomicile Certificate application format05/12/2015
2General AdministrationService to provide income certificates05/12/2015
3HomeProviding copy of FIR to applicant after deny to provide copy from station house officer02/01/2015
4HomeProviding copy of FIR to applicant from Ajax Police Station24/10/2016
5RevenueRevenue Book Circular Section - 6, number 4 according to natural calamity or physical Anghani Providing financial assistance to be dead25/09/2012
6RevenueService to suppy of second copy of Land Rights and loan book(duplicate copy)26/09/2012
7RevenuePayment of crop loss by wild Animals (In Revenue and Forest villages)26/09/2012
8RevenueNasul clearance certificate27/09/2012
9RevenueSolvency certificate(Upto Rs. 5 Lakhs)17/10/2012
10RevenueSolvency certificate(Between Rs. 5 to 25 Lakhs)03/11/2012
11RevenueSolvency certificate(Above Rs. 25 Lakhs)01/10/2012
12Revenue(4.11-A) Revenue Book Circular 6-4 under various disasters have affected the application for grant of financial assistance to be provided - Upto 30 thousand rupee02/01/2015
13Revenue(4.11-B) Revenue Book Circular 6-4 under various disasters have affected the application for grant of financial assistance to be provided - 30 to 50 thousand rupee18/03/2015
14Revenue(4.11-C) Revenue Book Circular 6-4 under various disasters have affected the application for grant of financial assistance to be provided - 50 thousand to 2 Lakh rupee16/04/2015
15Revenue(4.12) With the demise of the order of distribution maps Batankan / modification and post-modification Map A-4 size papers supplied to the applicant18/12/2014
16Revenue(4.15-A) Undisputed sharing (User Section 178)15/12/2014
17Revenue(4.15-B) Undisputed sharing (User Section 178-1)16/12/2014
18RevenueRCMS - 4.13 Demarcation of land19/09/2017
19RevenueRCMS - Records Durusti14/02/2017
20RevenueRCMS - Way dispute14/02/2017
21RevenueRCMS - Land allocation14/02/2017
22RevenueRCMS - Nazul permanent leasing land15/02/2017
23RevenueRCMS-Allow the sale of tribal land15/02/2017
24RevenueRCMS -Cancellation of land transfer in violation of Section 16514/02/2017
25RevenueRCMS-Distribution of land15/02/2017
26RevenueRCMS- Kotwar appointment15/02/2017
27RevenueRCMS- tree cutting permit14/02/2017
28RevenueRCMS-Tree planting on land allow non-ac01/03/2017
29RevenueRCMS- endowment matters25/02/2017
30RevenueRCMS- improve settlement records15/02/2017
31LabourAssistance in case of permanent disability due to accidents during construction09/01/2013
32Public Health and Family Welfare(12.4) Vaccination under the National Immunization Program19/09/2015
33Public Health and Family Welfare(12.5) Clinical verification of the applicant in relation to age.14/09/2015
34Public Health and Family Welfare12.6 Pediatric cardiac treatment plan to be approved by the Chief Minister Scheme. 10/10/2015
35Urban Administration and Dev.Add names to the list of families below the poverty line (urban area)25/09/2012
36Urban Administration and Dev.Instructions to improve Hand pumps and tube wells in urban areas03/01/2015
37Law and Legislative AffairseCopy of judicial order (High Court)07/09/2021
38Law and Legislative AffairseCopy of judicial order (District Court)07/09/2021
39Law and Legislative AffairsOnline High Court Fee07/09/2021
40Law and Legislative AffairsOnline District Court Fee07/09/2021
41Panchayat and Rural Development16.3 (A) Tap water in rural areas, where technical scheme as practicable, there is demand for new tap connection be produced12/02/2016
42Panchayat and Rural Development16.3(B)Tap water demand letter to deposit the amount under the scheme to supply the new tap connection.24/09/2016
43Panchayat and Rural Development16.4 Rural self-help groups to grading.29/01/2016
44Planning,Economics and Statistics(18.3) Allow birth registration after 1 year16/12/2014
45Planning,Economics and Statistics(18.4) Allow death registration after 1 year18/12/2014
46Tribal & SC Welfareprofile registration (tribal sc welfare)15/05/2018
47Tribal & SC WelfareHousing Assistance for Tribal Students (Tribal Affairs Department)28/11/2019
48Social JusticeChief Minister Kanya Abhibhavak pension scheme 04/07/2015
49Women and Child DevelopmentPermission under Laadli Laksmi yojnaFirst Daughter25/09/2012
50Women and Child DevelopmentPermission under Laadli Laksmi yojnaSecond Daughter29/09/2012
51Women and Child Development14.2 Registered Beneficiaries Not Receiving Nutrition in Anganwadi be Fetched her Eligibility.12/01/2015

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